30 preparation tips to prepare you for Day Zero!

Day Zero has been moved forward to the 12th of April 2018.  Below we have listed 30 preparation tips to help you prepare for Day Zero.

1. Day Zero is upon us Afribeings and its time to get into survival mode. Stock up on bottled water exclusively for drinking while the water stations figure themselves out, but please remember to RECYCLE or REPURPOSE your plastic water bottles. Alternatively research mountain spring water that can be delivered.
2. Stock up on baby wipes their uses will be endless when you do not have access to running water.
3. Use Dry shampoo or baby powder to prolong the time between washes. We heard March Anthony Refreshing Coconut clear dry shampoo is the best available from Dischem.
4. Invest in Wee Pong spray (a flush alternative) and alternative spray that contains microbes that break down urine and digest the malodorous ammonia, neutralising sulphur keeping your loo fresh and clean, plus it is 100% eco friendly and safe for humans, plants and pets. You can expect to pay R100 for a 250ml. 5. Make a solution of vinegar and water or stay soft and water to spray clothes and hang clothes to air
6. Paper plates are not very eco-friendly. However if you are braaing use the used paper plates instead of washing dishes or as an alternative make up a spray bottle with rinse free dish soap and water, and wipe down lightly dirtied dishes with that.
7. Invest in water purification solutions for the rain water we are able to catch. We love Kuro-bo 100% Natural Charcoal Water Filter, which will remove harmful impurities from water, add essential minerals and make it taste better.
8. Make sure you water to wash your fruit and vegetables well, With the listeriosis outbreak we can’t afford not to wash our fresh produce! We love Earthsap Fruit and Vegetable Wash, because it is 300% more effective than water to remove toxins and chemicals and its not harmful to our earth.
9. Start stocking your freezer with freezer meals and stock up on non-perishables!
10. Hand sanitiser is a must. In the car, in the your handbag, in the kitchen, in your workspace. We love Charlotte Rhys waterless hand sanitiser and their hand creams are great too!
11. Bicarb and vinegar are amazing cleaning supplies that don’t destroy water for grey use. So stock up!
12. Prepare for dodgy tummies. Make sure you have: Rehydrate, Medizine, Immodium, Buscopan, Probiotics and extra toilet paper on hand.
13. Have a sponge bath with a small bucket and sponge or take more swims in the sea!

14. Get a fire extinguisher for obvious reasons
15. If your’e not flushing your wee, throw the toilet paper away in a separate lined bin that’s cleaned daily to avoid your toilet system blocking up.
16. Baking soda can also control toilet paper odours if throwing toilet paper away.
17. When flushing with grey water. Fill the toilet cistern with water rather than pour the water into toilet.. Use vinegar in the toilet and drains to help with any odours and bacteria.
18. Clean with microfibre cloths or rags as sponges become unsanitary. It is easier to clean cloths and hang up immediately to delay smelling.
19. Eat straight from the braai! It always tastes better that way anyway and no pots or pans to wash.
20. Use apple cider vinegar to naturally deodorize your armpits and go without showering.
21. Wear breathable 100% cotton fabric to avoid odours developing from sweat and bacteria.
22. Ladies, extend underwear life by wearing panty liners.
23. Instead of washing dishes in the sink. Wash and rinse in buckets so you can reuse dirty water in the toilet or for watering plants. .
24. Vinegar can also be used for wiping and cleaning, with paper towels, without having to rinse down counters.
25. Where possible, use organic or biodegradable materials to minimise environmental waste. Please also be mindful of your plastic usage

26. Do everything you can do to prevent further damage.

27. PRAY. The power of positivity and collective consciousness is an undeniable force, which has been proven to work time and time again.

28. Educate your friends and family if you see they are not saving. Your families life depends on it.

29. Practice using 50 litres a day per person now! Wash less, wear less and …


Earth has always been dependent on water for survival, and today water holds the key to survival in the future too. Now more than ever we need to learn to respect and preserve water. We all need to stand together and help each other. Please do your part to save water NOW!

You can start by sharing this list with your friends to show you care!