Blissfully Off the Grid at Cabine Du Cap

The beautiful view from Cabine Du Cap

As we make our way off the R62 just outside Montagu, we start a slow and steady accent past rows of vibrant lemon trees of local citrus farms to Cabine Du Cap. We slowly start to feel a sense of letting go as the air becomes sweeter and the hustle and bustle of the local village fades out of sight. A sense of adventure begins to stir within . This is a moment you want to capture.

Nestled in the heart of the Klien Karoo you’ll find the blissful Cabine Du Cap awaiting you for a truly spectacular adventure.

We re greeted by the charming Joseph, Cabine Du Cap’s Onsite Manager, who checks us in and shows us around. One cannot but fall into the allure of this spectacular scenery. Not that far from the realities of day to day living, but far enough that your phone says No Service (there is however a fantastic Wifi connection available).

Once Joseph had handed us our walkie talkie and said “See you in the morning”, one gets the sense that you are on your own, in the best way possible. One begins to explore  the neat little trinkets and style with which Sam and William Mellor has set up the cabin. Sam, has given a lot of thought to the small details, so that if you need something you can be sure it’s there.

The beautiful view from Cabine Du CapThe picturesque view from our cabin looking out over the Fynbos.

At Cabine Du Cap you do nothing but relax, find a mountain to scale, or simply float in the plunge pool. You are completely surrounded by nature, and a short radio wave away from Joseph if you need anything.  There is a choice of sitting on the deck outside, or sitting inside for when the wind blows, either way you are well catered for.  Down a short path you will find the lovely plunge pool, neatly nestled into the fauna, with comfy sofas that are perfect for having evening drinks. A golden hour gin and tonic has never tasted so good.

Well used board games and painting tools lie scattered in a large box.  There’s also a well equipped kitchen to cook to your hearts content, and two braai areas to choose from. Multiple seating areas to find quiet time or indulge in afternoon reading, soaking up the sun, and of course, binoculars to test your bird watching skills. There is dramatic scenery wherever you look. Time seems to stand still.

The beautiful scenery at Cabine Du CapTime stands still at Cabine Du Cap as you look out over the beautiful scenery

The settings are picturesque and sunsets spectacular, and once night falls the stillness of the earth stands in reverence to a clear,  starlit sky.

Cabine Du Cap Outdoor Area

We also got treated to wonderful production, although I’m not sure that all guests get so lucky!

We spotted two Klipspringer in the fynbos near our

We spotted two small Klipspringer (Small Antelope) right next to us in the Fynbos. They skipped off. Image credit Wikimedia.

As you lounge your way through the day, swimming, hiking, reading, playing board games or bird watching you settle in for the sounds of nature as the night sets in. Its dark here ..You light up the house with a fire, candles, and kerosene lamps, setting the mood as you further indulge yourself in the wonder of the Klein Karoo.

After braaing, drinking and lapping it all up we all slowly slide into a gentle sleep, soaking up the fire as it burnt itself out.

Summer evening at Cabine Du Cap

We settled in for the evening, listening to the sounds of nature.

As if the little Klipspringers knew we were city slickers, not quite used to being off grid, they woke us up around 4am, feeding in the fynbos next to the cabin. Nothing like the sound of little antelope hooves rustling around the Fynbos in the black of the night to get the juices in us city folk going. 

You awake to the stillness of windless day, and the soft warmth of morning sun . The day would then begin with having  a (short) shower outside in the fresh open air, little luxuries like Africology botanical products are at your disposal. For the more adventurous, a bath stands on the open deck at the front to languish in under the open sky . We smell something delicious cooking and open the cabin to see the warm and friendly face of Joseph, happily making breakfast on the braai outside.

Cabine Du Cap's wonderful staff member Joseph making breakfast on the braai outside.We woke up to the smells of a fantastic breakfast being cooked for us on the braai by the always-friendly, Joseph.

Cabine du Cap has thought of it all. If you’re looking to get off the beaten track, find quiet, time to relax and be with nature, Cabine Du Cap provides a unique experience and are taking the art of experience to a luxurious new level of enjoyment.  

What a wonderful two days we had. Thank you Cabine Du Cap for creating this space.

Prepare for avid bird watching at Cabine Du Cap

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Contributor: Simon Minitzer @siflyhi
Creative Direction: Lindi Hingston and Liza Wecshta
Images: Simon Minitzer @siflyhi
Location: Cabine Du Cap @cabineducap