Take a Bite Out of the Ritz this Summer

The Ritz Hotel Cape Town Food

Sea Point is set to sizzle this summer as The Ritz dishes up decadent brunches, lazy lunches and innovative smart dining at this rejuvenated icon of Cape Town’s glamorous Atlantic Seaboard.

Reopened in December 2017 following a multi-million rand revamp, The Ritz is on track to become one of the Mother City’s culinary hotspots, with a collection of restaurants and bars that will keep both locals and in-house guests happy through summer’s hot days and sultry nights.

Here’s What You Can Expect at The Ritz this Summer

Flowing from the chic interior to a sun-splashed pool deck, CASA Restaurant & Cabanas dishes up delicious all-day dining. The day begins with a generous breakfast buffet and à la carte offering, before shifting into an approachable menu of inventive brasserie classics from 11am.

It’s a relaxed space, both indoors and by the poolside, and we wanted the menu to reflect that,” explains Adrian Cook, Group Executive Chef for The Ritz. “We’ve kept the menu focused and simple, ensuring every dish is packed with flavour.”

It’s a globetrotting cosmopolitan menu. Entrées run from elegantly plated steak tartare – served with a focaccia twist and smoked aioli – to Rock Shrimp tempura with an umami-packed sriracha/soya glaze. Another starter not to be missed is ‘The Ritz’, an eye-catching reinvention of a classic avocado ritz.

In a witty nod to the tropical Martinique wallpaper adorning the walls, ‘The Ritz’ is served in a frozen half-shell pineapple, the pickled radish, pineapple sorbet, and avocado purée neatly balancing the silky Marie Rose sauce and succulent shrimp.

Reinventing the classics is something of a defining philosophy at CASA, says Cook: “We’re taking dishes that everyone is bound to love, and giving them our own Ritz twist.”

A perfect example is the main course of peri-peri chicken. The chicken is cooked sous vide in home-made peri-peri sauce, before being crisped up in a Pira charcoal oven imported from Spain. Other meaty mains taking a turn in the fiery oven include the char-grilled rump with house chimichurri, Karoo lamb ‘lollipops’, and a succulent Wagyu beef burger topped with mature cheddar. Watching your holiday budget? There’s also a free-range beef burger with emmental cheese and crispy bacon to take care of hunger pangs.

The sun-splashed pool deck is sure to be a draw card, with all diners enjoying full access to the sparkling pool and facilities. Whether seated on the terrace or ensconced on a lounger, it’ll certainly be hard to pass up on the inventive range of stone-baked thin-base pizzas, or a platter from the extensive sushi menu. Here the options include everything from classic California rolls and expertly sliced fresh sashimi to innovative rolls of crunchy rock shrimp tempura.

And to drink? Aside from the selection of signature cocktails and local craft spirits, the wine list offers an impressive range of leading local estates, with a variety of wines available by the glass. Fancy something international? Order a bottle of Whispering Angel rosé from acclaimed Côtes de Provence producer Chateau d’Esclans. CASA is also home to a sparkling poolside Champagne Bar, with proudly South African Méthode Cap Classique as well as champagne.

Sundays in Sea Point

While CASA makes a fine destination any day of the week, The Ritz is set to shake up Sundays in Sea Point, with its decadent Sunday Brunch.

From 11am until 5pm each Sunday the marble buffet table will be piled high with platters of sushi, sliders, stone-fired pizza and a selection of classic dishes from the à la carte menu. With the Sunday Brunch buffet priced at R250/R95 for adults/children – and kids under five eating free – it’s an ideal destination for a cool family day out.

We really want to make it accessible for families to join us,” notes Omayya Ismail, Food & Beverage Manager for The Ritz. “We have a separate children’s play area and all diners have access to the hotel pool, so we think it’s the perfect way for parents and their kids to relax on a Sunday.”

Relaxation Swopped for Refinement

High above the pool-deck, however, relaxation has been swopped for refinement.

Perched on the 23rd-floor, Top of The Ritz – the only revolving restaurant in the Western Cape – has long been a destination-restaurant in the Mother City; a place to pop the question and mark milestones. After a dramatic rejuvenation, and with an innovative new menu on offer, the restaurant is set to reclaim its title as one of the most sought-after gourmet destinations Cape Town has to offer.

The gastronomic experience begins in the 22nd floor Champagne Lounge, a seductive space where canapés and bubbly are served with a side order of sparkling city views.

Moving upstairs, it’s an equally opulent setting. Think black velvet bucket chairs, and starched white napery adorning tables decked with imported Philippe Starck lamps and fine stemware. Every table enjoys ever-changing views of the city, as the restaurant rotates through a full 360º every 62 minutes.

While the views are impressive, you’ll be hard-pressed to draw your eyes away from the plate, as Cook and his team of talented chefs take diners on a seven-course ‘Journey of Flavours through Cape Town’.

Each dish pays homage to the culinary traditions and heritage of Cape Town,” explains Cook, who says the new menu – with vegan and vegetarian options for each course, on request – offers a unique blend of innovation and familiarity. “Each dish is inspired by the flavours of the Cape, and some of the dishes that I have enjoyed in my many years of living and cooking in Cape Town. We want the flavours to be true to the original, but we play around with the texture and presentation of every dish.”

The amuse bouche is – of course – a modern take on the classic Avocado Ritz, here presented on marble offcuts upcycled from the hotel’s renovation. Later, a palate cleansing sorbet is fashioned from Cape Gooseberries, while main course options pay homage to the ocean, countryside and wild places surrounding the city.

‘Countryside’ pairs beef sirloin, fondant potato and prego jus in a nod to the city’s ever-popular Portuguese restaurants, while ‘The Karoo’ makes the most of intensely-flavoured Karoo lamb, here mirrored by fynbos-infused croquettes.

‘Ocean View’ is Cook’s interpretation of the humble parcel of fish and chips so popular in the city’s harbourside takeaways. At Top of The Ritz a fillet of local line fish is given added intrigue with potato cigars and kelp crisps; the fronds foraged from local shores before being dehydrated and deep-fried. Only sustainable fish on the SASSI ‘Green’ list will be served at Top of The Ritz.

We love local flavours and what’s so exciting about the new menu at Top of The Ritz is that we get to play with food that is familiar to many diners, but we are presenting it in a new and exciting manner,” adds Cook.

A perfect example of that is the quirky ‘Bread And Butter’ course, which mimics a Masala Steak Gatsby. One of Cape Town’s most popular street foods, here the dish is reinvented with tomato butter, masala steak pâté and cheese spuma.

The Dessert course is equally inventive, with smoked chocolate mousse, white ‘mushroom’ and ‘smoke’ evoking a wintry walk through the forests of Table Mountain.

Wine recommendations are offered for each course, and the flavour journey is mirrored in the bespoke wine list offered at Top of The Ritz, explains Ismail: “The wines are categorised according to the wine-growing regions of the Cape, allowing diners to discover the diverse terroir of the Western Cape vineyards while they explore the flavour inspirations of Cape Town.”

The seven-course ‘Journey of Flavours Through Cape Town’ menu is priced at R850 per person, excluding beverages. Children over the age of twelve are welcome (no children’s menu is available).

There’s certainly no shortage of flavour or inspiration on offer at The Ritz this summer. Whether you’re planning lunch at the poolside or an elegant evening ‘up top’, the talented chefs at The Ritz are certainly turning up the heat in Sea Point this summer.

For restaurant and special event bookings or enquiries email: info@theritzcapetown.co.za or book online at www.theritz.co.za.




30 preparation tips to prepare you for Day Zero!

Day Zero has been moved forward to the 12th of April 2018.  Below we have listed 30 preparation tips to help you prepare for Day Zero.

1. Day Zero is upon us Afribeings and its time to get into survival mode. Stock up on bottled water exclusively for drinking while the water stations figure themselves out, but please remember to RECYCLE or REPURPOSE your plastic water bottles. Alternatively research mountain spring water that can be delivered.
2. Stock up on baby wipes their uses will be endless when you do not have access to running water.
3. Use Dry shampoo or baby powder to prolong the time between washes. We heard March Anthony Refreshing Coconut clear dry shampoo is the best available from Dischem.
4. Invest in Wee Pong spray (a flush alternative) and alternative spray that contains microbes that break down urine and digest the malodorous ammonia, neutralising sulphur keeping your loo fresh and clean, plus it is 100% eco friendly and safe for humans, plants and pets. You can expect to pay R100 for a 250ml. 5. Make a solution of vinegar and water or stay soft and water to spray clothes and hang clothes to air
6. Paper plates are not very eco-friendly. However if you are braaing use the used paper plates instead of washing dishes or as an alternative make up a spray bottle with rinse free dish soap and water, and wipe down lightly dirtied dishes with that.
7. Invest in water purification solutions for the rain water we are able to catch. We love Kuro-bo 100% Natural Charcoal Water Filter, which will remove harmful impurities from water, add essential minerals and make it taste better.
8. Make sure you water to wash your fruit and vegetables well, With the listeriosis outbreak we can’t afford not to wash our fresh produce! We love Earthsap Fruit and Vegetable Wash, because it is 300% more effective than water to remove toxins and chemicals and its not harmful to our earth.
9. Start stocking your freezer with freezer meals and stock up on non-perishables!
10. Hand sanitiser is a must. In the car, in the your handbag, in the kitchen, in your workspace. We love Charlotte Rhys waterless hand sanitiser and their hand creams are great too!
11. Bicarb and vinegar are amazing cleaning supplies that don’t destroy water for grey use. So stock up!
12. Prepare for dodgy tummies. Make sure you have: Rehydrate, Medizine, Immodium, Buscopan, Probiotics and extra toilet paper on hand.
13. Have a sponge bath with a small bucket and sponge or take more swims in the sea!

14. Get a fire extinguisher for obvious reasons
15. If your’e not flushing your wee, throw the toilet paper away in a separate lined bin that’s cleaned daily to avoid your toilet system blocking up.
16. Baking soda can also control toilet paper odours if throwing toilet paper away.
17. When flushing with grey water. Fill the toilet cistern with water rather than pour the water into toilet.. Use vinegar in the toilet and drains to help with any odours and bacteria.
18. Clean with microfibre cloths or rags as sponges become unsanitary. It is easier to clean cloths and hang up immediately to delay smelling.
19. Eat straight from the braai! It always tastes better that way anyway and no pots or pans to wash.
20. Use apple cider vinegar to naturally deodorize your armpits and go without showering.
21. Wear breathable 100% cotton fabric to avoid odours developing from sweat and bacteria.
22. Ladies, extend underwear life by wearing panty liners.
23. Instead of washing dishes in the sink. Wash and rinse in buckets so you can reuse dirty water in the toilet or for watering plants. .
24. Vinegar can also be used for wiping and cleaning, with paper towels, without having to rinse down counters.
25. Where possible, use organic or biodegradable materials to minimise environmental waste. Please also be mindful of your plastic usage

26. Do everything you can do to prevent further damage.

27. PRAY. The power of positivity and collective consciousness is an undeniable force, which has been proven to work time and time again.

28. Educate your friends and family if you see they are not saving. Your families life depends on it.

29. Practice using 50 litres a day per person now! Wash less, wear less and …


Earth has always been dependent on water for survival, and today water holds the key to survival in the future too. Now more than ever we need to learn to respect and preserve water. We all need to stand together and help each other. Please do your part to save water NOW!

You can start by sharing this list with your friends to show you care!