Africa is Now

Siv Ngesi Africa is now

Siv Ngesi says: “Afribeings, reach for the stars the sky is the limit!”

We believe that Africa is the heartbeat of the World. Last year saw the emergence of a creative Africa that was brought into focus through a number of landmark buildings, artists and events, signaling the world has noticed us and Africa has finally taken its rightful place on the map of some ground breaking talent.

Towards the end of 2017 Afribeing gathered a group of super talented African influencers at art studio and creative hub KuniFrank studios in Paarden Eiland, to celebrate each persons African power and talk about the power of being African NOW as our identity continues to inspire the world.

Our continent is rich with undeniably strong talent and our Afribeing mission is to find these Afribeings, expose them, and share their stories. We hope that this will inspire you to unleash your own Afribeing power, to dream big and more importantly make your dreams come to life.

Everyone goes through hard times, we all fail, but these are the times that make us stronger, smarter, kinder, and we continue to rise, adjust our crowns and move forward with a new found wisdom. We each have our own innate power. We call it Afribeing power. It’s natural, intrinsic, unlearned and untaught. We should nurture and build on these strengths. At Afribeing we believe that you give life to what you give energy too.

celebrate african power and identity

Jade Khristie an inspiring human who believes that people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

As creatives and Africans we’ve had to be both brave and strong. Courage, resilience and the will to succeed is how we’ll continue to develop lasting confidence in ourselves. Being consistently positive is also an Afribeing superpower.

Our wish for 2018 is that we recognize the greatness in ourselves and each other. Great things happen when humans collaborate and help one another. Together we are stronger. Lets empower each other.

Ubuntu: I am what I am, because of who we are.

Linda Kaoma Project Manager in the Arts gives us an A for AfribeingLinda Kaoma Project Manager in the Arts gives us an A for Afribeing

What’s Your Afribeing Power?

Below we asked our friends and influencers to think of one or two words which represent their powerful self. The powerful self that got them to where they are today:


Celebrity Siv Ngesi says confidence has empowered his success

Celebrity, Siv Ngesi, says CONFIDENCE has empowered him to become a success.


Liza Weschta Co-founder Afribeing says her power is unity

Afribeing Co-Founder, Liza Weschta, believes in unity and so bringing people together is her undeniable strength.


Jazz Singer Spha Mdlalose loves making people feel through her music

Jazz Singer, Spha Mdlalose, loves MAKING PEOPLE feel through her music.


Jade Khristie CEO of Low Impact Living says Pioneering Change is what keeps her motivated and strong in lifeJade Khristie, CEO of Low Impact Living, says Pioneering Change is what keeps her motivated and strong in life.


Zanela, mother of Siv Ngesi, says BEING ASSERTIVE has been her super powerZanela Ngesi, Siv’s mom, says BEING ASSERTIVE has been her super power.


Co-Founder of Afribeing, Lindi Hingston standing in front of Ana Kuni curated graffiti wall Africa is NowCo-Founder of Afribeing, Lindi Hingston, standing in front of Afribeing’s curated graffiti wall by Ana Kuni.


Kitty Van Jangles recycles car tyres and makes tables he says staying focused keeps him strong. Kitty Van Jangles, who recycles car tyres and makes tables, says staying focused keeps him strong.


Make your Mamma and your Mamma Africa proud, stand tall and wear your Afribeing crown, honour your Afribeing power and make your mark in this crazy world. Decide today who you will become and how you want to live your life. And remember … NO ONE IS YOU AND THAT IS YOUR POWER!

Stay tuned to our platform for individual profiles with each of these Afribeings.

Location: Kuni Frank Studios Paarden Eiland @kunifrank
Creative Direction: Lindi Hingston and Liza Weschta
Photographer: Jane Prinsloo @janelouisephotolove
Hair and Makeup: Chantal Jacobsen @chantaljacobsen0808_ and Karen Dladla @kari.d_mua
Fashion Styling: Nozi @nonishakur
Graffiti art wall: Ana Kuni @ana_kuni

Siv @iamsiv
Spha Mdlalose @sphamdlalose
Linda Kaoma @lindakaoma
Lindi Hingston and Liza Weschta
@Jade Kristie at @lowimpactliving

Jade is wearing: @iyanastyling top and @ntombobom skirt
Siv is wearing: @Klipajeans shirt
Spha is wearing: @ingamadyibi dress and @iyanastyling dress
Lindi is wearing: @iyanastyling
Liza is wearing: @richfactory
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