Top 10 Wellness Products

Wellness products favourites

Here are 10  wellness products that our Wellness Coach simply can’t go without…


1. NutriBullet 600 Series, available online from NutriBullet.

2. Bonebroth from BONE. Available from Olive Branch Deli and Son of a Butcher.

3. Metagenics and Amipro Vitamins are where I buy most of my Probiotics, Vit C and a great Omega (EPA DHA 720)

4.  My Best Spirulina is from Marcus Rohrer (available from Dischem and Wellness Warehouse).

5.  My shake from either Wazoogles or Barre Body are my go to ones.

6. Puma Shoes and Activewear, available from Puma stores nationwide.

7. FIT active wear, available from Virgin Active stores.

8. Rebounder, available online from Reboundsa.

9. Kefir, available online from Thank Goodness Foods.

10. Bio-circumin for inflammation from Coyne Health Care (they also do a great Co-Q10 now with PQQ).

Which wellness product can’t you go without?


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