My Secret to Long Lasting Relationships and staying happy

Want the secret to long lasting relationships and happiness? Here are some useful tips from our Wellness Guru, Lisa Stocks.

For starters its the little things. My husband and I love to leave post-it notes around the house for each other. I’ll find them on my mirror, my laptop, in my cupboard. Just little reminders of how much he loves me or something appreciative. A note like that always makes my day.

We’ll always do date nights. This gives us time to actively look each other in the eye and catch up with everything thats going on in our lives – communication is key. We both grew up in strong Christian homes and have the best role models in each of our parents for advice.

My best piece of advice for long lasting relationships is to be kind to one another, talk to each other nicely and out of love. The thing to remember is that usually YOU need to change first,  and not the other person. Becoming better at your marriage or relationship means starting with yourself and not having huge expectations of your partner.

My secret to staying happy stems from a continuous practice of cultivating a sense of appreciation for what I have and feeling grateful.  We live in a society that always wants more, more, more ! Be appreciative of the little things and grateful for everyday. I also stay on track with reading my bible each day. This sets my foundation for every part of my life.

I do have bad days,  and to be honest  it’s usually down to my health.  They say, 90% of your immune system stems from the condition of your gut. As you might have read in previous posts I have had life threatening colon disorders and if my gut is out of sync, I will most certainly feel tired and down. To stay centred I remind myself of the reasons for feeling out of sorts and then I try harder with my eating and wellness journey , because tomorrow is another day.

I also stay strong by talking about whatever it is that is getting me down, whether it be to my husband, my Mom or my friends.

Here are three of my favourite quotes that I like to remember:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Life always gives you a second chance…it’s called tomorrow” — Unknown.

“Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things” — Robert Brault



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