What Makes Matcha Different?

Matcha Latte

Ever wondered what exactly makes matcha so different from your regular cup of green tea? Our Wellness Guru, Lisa Stocks, explains it to us.

So what makes matcha different?

Matcha, literally meaning ‘powdered tea’ is a green powder made from a specific kind of green tea leaf while regular green or black tea,  all comes from the same plant. The difference between matcha and regular green and black tea is how it is grown and prepared.

Unlike many other green teas, the plants used for matcha are first covered and the grown in the shade for approximately 20 weeks before they are harvested. This boosts the chlorophyll levels, which is what gives the powder its vibrant green hue (Greeny!). This also makes it way more powerful than regular green tea. 

Just one cup of Matcha green tea a day could provide you with the following awsome benefits :

  • Fights cancer cells
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Kills free radicals
  • Wards off bacterial infection and illness
  • Prevents viral infections
  • Moderates allergies
  • Boosts immune function
  • Alkalizes the blood
The green tea leaves are laid out to dry and then ground into a fine green powder, same as what you d see in the stores or in a cafe.  Unlike any other tea where the leaves are steeped and some nutrients drawn out , with matcha tea the whole leaf is used…so you are getting every bit of the good stuff . Because it’s in a powdered form, it’s typically whisked in hot water, a latte or a blender .
I love to have my fix  with almond milk and a splash of honey, my all time favourite is from Scheckters RAW in Sea point. 

Matcha is the magical little super food we should all be including in our diets.

Contributor: Lisa Stocks
Creative Direction: Lindi Hingston and Liza Weschta

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