Afribeing’s Health & Wellness Guru Talks About Her Unique Health Journey

Thank heavens we are all unique, which means that each of us has different ways in which our body responds to food and vitamins. Every single person has a different health journey, with genetics playing a major role.

My journey is unique, I may have something similar to someone else and the same principle may apply but the amount of vitamins I put into my body, the way it is absorbed and how it makes me feel, will vary to others.

Now, I am no doctor, but I am here to share all that I have learned, read and the knowledge I have gained from the Natropaths and Dieticians I have spent countless hours chatting too.

Unfortunately, certain foods can affect us negatively, causing harsh symptoms. Most of the time, these symptoms that occur are not immediate and can creep up on you over a period of time, and therefore most of us don’t even know which foods affect us.

It has been a matter of trial and error for me, noticing which foods make me feel good and which foods make me feel bad, bloated and sluggish. I think many people don’t even know, what it truly feels like to be functioning at their optimum. I know I didn’t!

Sometimes, it takes us to land up in doctors room or a hospital bed to get us to that point, and for me it was the latter. I then had to really look at what I was eating and my lifestyle choices. I realised I needed to make some big changes.

I suffer from gut inflammation, Barretts Oesophagus (basically terrible reflux that causes your cells to change and in some rare cases can cause Oesophagial Cancer) and the common Hay fever.

I have cut out sugar (well I try), dairy all processed foods. Although I still eat eggs and fish sourced only from reputable sources.

I fall off the wagon weekly, as anyone who knows me can testify. Yes, sugar! But I can honestly say my Barretts has almost gone and I have stopped taking my chronic medication, and dare I say it my Hay Fever has basically disappeared. Not only that but my gut inflammation has been worlds better, which makes for a better me. I have a clearer head, tons more energy and I feel fantastic!

They say around 80% of our immune system comes from our gut, some call it our second brain and for good reason. I could talk about our gut in length and will do so in time, but for now here are a few things in my experience that can help you, if you battle with gut issues similar to mine:

  • Drink your coffee (1 a day) with either a teaspoon of coconut oil or MCT oil.
  • I drink Kefir every day
  • I drink Bone Broth every day
  • Take L’glutamine powder to repair and heal
  • I take probiotics first thing in the morning
  • Take hot lemon water in the morning with apple cider vinegar and a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
  • Alkaline powder at night.
  • Eat soft cooked foods like soups and veggies. plus, refrain from eating salads at night.
  • Do not ‘graze’. Wait 4-5 hours in between your meals to let your stomach rest, then it has a chance to repair
  • Eat fermented and cultured foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut.
  • Don’t drink wine. If you do drink alcohol such as gin, whiskey or vodka, make sure to pair it with filtered water

Also, here’s something to consider:

When taking specific vitamins or nutrients, know that all vitamins need each other to work together in absorption. For example, if you are taking Vit B12, you need the other vitamin B’s and a few others like folic acid or iron too, so its best to take a Multi-Vitamin too.


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