My Health Challenges and Why I Swear by a Plant-Based Diet

Our health and wellness guru talks about her health challenges and why she swears by a plant-based diet. Plus, where she goes to get her raw food fix

I went through a divorce, something I thought would never happen to me. My colon twisted on itself into the size of a soccer ball and almost burst, if it did, I don’t know where I would be today.

They managed to remove a third of it, apparently, I had an extra long one, who knew? All went well, or so I thought. Until two weeks to the day, I found myself having my second operation. I won’t bore you with all the details, but in a nutshell, when they stapled everything back together, my small bowel was kinked which meant nothing was passing through. I hadn’t eaten for 2 weeks so I was a slight shade of grey and ended up in ICU being fed through my neck via a tube called TPN.

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Since then I have landed up in the hospital again with another twisted colon.

Mentally, lying in that hospital bed and not being able to control what is happening to you is tough. You learn to appreciate the little things in life and not take anything for granted. I battled with fluid on my lungs and went through a lot of pain for weeks afterward.It made me realise how strong you can be when you need to and that God has a plan in it all. I have learned so much about myself and believe I am healed now.

That saying, through sickness and in health, well it pretty much sums up Lloyd and I as a couple. He was there every morning, bathing me and washing my hair  — I bet you have never seen someone using dry hair shampoo in ICU before!.

But this period of my life has not only made me strong but has completely changed how I eat. Now I eat for health and not for disease, which may sound hectic, but I cannot afford to have inflammation and all the rest of the gut issues that come with that. That’s why I swear by a plant-based diet.


Why a plant-based diet? Simple, it’s more natural, unprocessed, and fewer toxins causing less havoc and inflammation to my gut.

I buy all our veggies from local markets and other stores like Wild Organics and Wellness Warehouse. While I still eat eggs and fish I have just recently given up meat. The jury is still out on that one, but for now, I am not missing it at all!

My staple food is soup because for my gut I am better on soft veggies and soups, I make a huge pot of whatever veggies I can find, with huge amounts of Bone broth, freeze and use when I need to.

I don’t eat a lot of salads anymore, as my body battles to break it down as in fact. Cooked veggies are better. Life is all about balance so my weekends are when I catch up on the foods I love.

A new place in Kloof Street, run by a brother and sister combo, is Olive Branch Deli. I LOVE their store. It has got such a cool factor and the most amazing products. They are also super nice and friendly, I could spend hours in there.

My daily vitamins include Vit C, Zinc, Vit B (I know my body lacks that, I use the spray), Vitamin D (spray too) and something to help my liver (Dandelion, or Metagenics Advaclear)and a CO-Q10 tab.

At night I take my Omegas and Bio-Circumin which is great for inflammation and I also take the Vogel Alkaline powder. I take these at night because of time = healing process.

All my vitamins I only buy from MetagenicsAmiproSolgar and Coyenne Healthcare because their quality is fantastic.

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We are so spoilt for choice in Cape Town, but for a healthy delicious meal at lunchtime I live at Scheckters RAW in Sea Point but you might also find me at Raw & Roxy in town.

For dinner we eat anywhere, I just make careful choices wherever we go, as my husband is not on the same menu as me, and as long as they serve sweet potato fries, I’m happy!


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