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So you’re doing all the right things. You’re taking your vitamins, eating healthily (or so you think), exercising but you’re still not feeling your optimum. Still a little bit sluggish….

Perhaps here’s why. Since the 1950’s approximately 3500 man-made chemicals have found their way into or onto our foods, these being pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

The scary thing is, these can stop your body from absorbing the good nutrients. Cancelling each other out! Many diseases today are caused by an excess of anti-nutrients meaning your body isn’t able to detoxify itself.

The best rule, in my opinion, is to live 80/20. So 80% of the time, eat healthy organic food and the other 20% with you living your life, be it at weddings, birthdays, holidays and eating out — all of which you can’t avoid. Enjoy this 20% without guilt, it’s your time to enjoy it!

It feels like we are going back to the old days, where we’d buy our veggies and meat from the markets (and of course, online.) My favourite online sites are Wild Organics, Ethical Co-op and a new one I have discovered, Cape Town Online Market.

At the market, I buy my bone broth from BONE, my (healthy) treats and kefir from my favourite brother and sister owners Thank Goodness Foods and my fish from Delicious Fish.

If you have missed the market, there is a new place in Kloof Street with another brother and sister duo called Olive Branch Deli – they have pretty much everything I have mentioned and tons more. Also, their store is super cool too.

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Here are 7 tips to help you get vitamins back into your system:
  1. Firstly and most importantly buy organic foods (fruit and veggies) where possible and give them a good wash.
  2. Buy organic, good quality meat from reputable sources
  3. Invest in a good quality water filter at home
  4. Use cleaning products in your home that are armed with friendly bacteria, like the Bacterrorist (you can use it for almost everywhere and everything)this product won’t cost you your health, its completely people and planet friendly.
  5. Don’t deep fry your foods, rather sauté them lightly as too much heat also changes the nutrient content. Frying food in bad oils produces free radicals. Stick to coconut oil and cold pressed organic olive oil.
  6. Stay away from cling film covering your food unless it is non-PVC. Also, use glass containers to store food instead of plastic
  7. Don’t just pop pills when you feel you need to (unless you are very sick) as these disrupt and cancel the good bacteria and nutrients in the gut. I know for me, Ibuprofen is an absolute no-no for my gut.



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