Kale Shake Up

Recently I found out that raw kale wasn’t really my friend.

Thinking I was doing myself a favour by having my green Kale smoothie every morning,  yet I couldn’t understand why I was constantly feeling bloated afterward. Then I started researching and found out that kale wasn’t actually all that great for me.

Kale naturally contains Oxalic acid, apparently as a deterrent to animals, insects, and fungi.  Oxalic acid is a toxin and in excess can cause some problems for example gout, kidney stones, and muscle pains.

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I still love my green smoothies in the morning but I make sure to steam my kale or spinach beforehand

Reading up further on Oxalic acid, I discovered that it’s also a mycotoxin – that is a toxin produced by the fungus Aspergillus and the common yeast Candida (hello red flag) and we all know that Candida is not great for us women!

To lower this you need to mix into your smoothie in a combo of calcium and magnesium in powder or tablets.

These minerals bind to the oxalic acid meaning they don’t get released into your body. But the best way to do this is to lightly fry it in coconut oil,  in a Tefal pan, alternatively you can steam it.

rawvkale shake up

This isn’t to say you should never eat Kale! You still want to get the vitamins it provides, like vitamins A, C & K ,plus kale also contains anti-oxidants.  Another thing to remember is that you definitely need fats in your smoothie. Many vitamins and nutrients can’t be absorbed without having (good) fat.

Oh, and next time you pick up this leafy green, remember to go for the flat kale and not the curly one! Apparently, curly kale is known as Dinosaur Kale and it has been stressed by its environment so has produced more toxins like Oxalic Acid.

The point is to minimise it in your diet — don’t have it every day like I was. We don’t want to be putting our bodies under more stress. Lightly steaming kale or spinach before putting it into a smoothie, once it has cooled down, breaks down the cellular structure to increase its digestibility and nutrient absorption. A win on all sides!

Lightly steaming kale or spinach before putting it into a smoothie breaks down the cellular structure to increase its digestibility

Wellness Wednesday Tip: Put a large dollop of butter, like grass-fed butter from Wellness Warehouse or Olive Branch Deli, onto your cooked veggies to help absorb all the nutrients and vitamins. Im thinking of my daughters these days all their cooked veggies come with a whole lot of melted butter. Mmmm…


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