Meet the Real Siv Ngesi and His AfriQueen Mother Jacqueline

Jacqueline and Siv Ngesi

It’s true that our parents have a powerful influence on us as children and, a big part of how we build resilience as adults, is down to how we are reared. Afribeing caught up with celebrity Siv Ngesi and his mom Jacqueline Ngesi at kunifrank studios to talk about life. Their story inspired us very much so we hope it inspires you too.  

We have all heard of Mr Siv Ngesi. Celebrity Actor who has had 3 SAFTA nominations, Infleuncer, MC, Motivational Speaker, Comedian and Woman Magnet, but have you met the women who kept Siv in clean underwear until manhood. The woman who raised Siv single handedly, and always brought food to the table. The woman who took Siv to all his auditions and kept this message reinforced: “…ONE DAY…ONE DAY MY SON. YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT.”  

 Meet Jacqueline NgesiSiv’s Sunflower and African Queen. Jacqueline originally comes from Umtata, Transkei (Viedgiesville to be exact). She is big into culture and cooking. Everything we eat is cooked at home and we still thank our ancestors and drink mqombothi,” she says. Mgombothi is traditional Xhosa BeerSivs clan name is Mgcina and although he was born and bred in Cape Town, his culture and heritage are still very important to him. It is part of who he is.”  says Jacqueline.

Jacqueline lives in Gugulethu now – a few blocks from Mazoli’sShe has 2 daughters and Siv. 

We asked Jacqueline how she managed to do it all. Raise a family, educate herself and stay positive and her answer to this was: “I was brought up by a strong women (my mom) , she encouraged me, and kept me strong and resilient. My mother was ALWAYS SO BRAVE. She instilled her strength in me and I was able to pass this on to my own children and be a success in my own life.”

In 1989 she was sponsored to go to the UK to help start a teacher’s centre. One of Siv’s favourite childhood memories is visiting his mom in Bristol when he was about 6 and his mom was doing her masters, and working on the side.  He remembers going up to the sky and looking out the aeroplane window and thinking: “Where is this Jesus guy?”.

Siv says he grew up in a househould being told he could do anything he wanted to. “My mom’s favourite saying is what you put in is what you get out. If you fail, keep going. ” says Siv.

“My mom always made it look easier than it was. We didn’t have much, but my mom made it happen and even though she was a single mother she was always able to bring food to the table” says Siv. Siv landed his first role at 9 years old in the musical Les Misérables, which featured on Mnet. 

“I am living my childhood dream, I wanted to be an entertainer and travel the world and get paid for it.
My life is not kak.”

Siv says: “The best thing about being successful in my career is being able to help my mom when she needs stuff. It makes me feel good.”

Jacky says: Happiness is being with Siv and my family. I value them all and everytime I see them I enjoy every moment. I almost lost my life once I have a scar on my chest to show for it. Life can be taken just like that.

“Siv has taught me a lot about life.. he LOVES everyone and never judges. Siv allows me to enjoy my life he encourages me to travel more. I have just been on a trip to UK and Germany. I appreciate him so much. Siv is BIG. He is generous and so kind. Everyone looks up to him.” says Jacki.

Jacki’s message to all women reading this: “Get your education! Don’t allow anyone to be abuse you emotionally or physically. You are in charge of your own life. Stand up for yourself, believe in yourself, live your dream and support your children in everything they do .”

Siv’s message to all Afribeings reading this is: “It’s time that Africa realizes we don’t need Europe as much as we think we do. Leave the crayfish mentality behind. Help each other! No one has ever become poor from giving.”

We asked Siv who he see’s when he looks in the mirror: “When I look at myself in the mirror I still see someone who can be better…This year I want to help more lives!” he says.

We all want to be like you Jacqueline and Siv Ngesi. Thank you for being examples of good humans and for inspiring us to have courage to take charge of our own lives and make a success of it.

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Location: Kuni Frank Studios Paarden Eiland @kunifrank
Creative Direction: Lindi Hingston and Liza Weschta
Photographer: Jane Prinsloo @Janelouisephotolove
Hair and Makeup: Chantal Jacobsen @chantaljacobsen0808_ and Karen Dladla @kari.d_mua
Fashion Styling: Nozi @nonishakur
Graffiti art wall: Ana Kuni @ana_kuni

Siv Ngesi @iamsivn
Jacqueline Ngesi

Siv is wearing: @Klipajeans shirt and his own jeans
Jacqueline is wearing: @mobu_by_melo

A little bit about the @mobu_by_melo womens plus size fashion brand. Melo Mosase is plus size fashion designer from Qwaqwa living in Johannesburg. Her aim is to challenge the current state of fashion in our country. Her aim is to ensure that her clothing makes plus size women feel beautiful and sexy. Melo says: “Plus size clothing industry the same amount of creative effort as any design in the industry. We need this to fight the ab-normalization of African bodies to show future generations that there’s nothing wrong with us and our bodies. We are beautiful just the way we are and that we will not conform to a westernized definition of us.”







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