Wellness & Holistic Living With Lisa Stocks

Lisa Stocks is Afribeing’s Self-taught Nutrionist and Wellness Enthusiast living in Cape Town. Lisa is inspired to help others achieve their inner glow by sharing her experiences and knowledge . Having gone through a medical emergency Lisa was forced to make big changes in her own life, learning  how to live a more balanced,  holistic lifestyle. Mom to Gia and Lera, and wife to Lloyd, Lisa is a source of inspiration having transcended many difficulties herself. Lisa is without a doubt an AfriQueen who radiates beauty from within. Enjoy her weekly wellness updates.

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was fortunate enough to have been born and raised in my favourite place, Llandudno, Cape Town.  Clanwilliam was where I spent many long weekends with life long family friends. Most of my time was spent on the water behind our boat. I love the outdoors, warm beachy days, my family and everything fashion related … although I have to admit I am a denim (and flip flop) girl at heart.

Living a healthy life has become a massive part of my lifestyle due to my health issues (which you will hear about), but I still love to bake, cue Jessica Sepel who has saved my obsession!

Q: What couldn’t you live without?

I can’t live without my family, my girly chats, and exercise. I exercise more for my mind and to keep myself sane, I Rebound (trampoline) at home, I love Barre Body, walks up the mountain, yoga,  pilates and most recently again SWEAT 1000.

Q: Tell us about your family?

I’m a mom to two beautiful daughters, Gia 8, and Lera who is 2 and a half — both totally different little beings, whom I cannot imagine life without and my other important job is being a wife to my husband Lloyd who is my rock and my everything.

Q: What would the perfect day look like?

Growing up in Llandudno, I was always on the beach means I am still a complete summer sun (bad in excess I know but a great way to get that vitamin D in) beach baby. The beach is engrained in me.

My family’s ultimate idea of a chill out is heading to Velddrif. My husband and I both love to waterski so its an opportunity for us to all be together and get back on the water.  It is a meaningful hobby and passion we both share. We just love being behind the boat – we both grew up in that way and the girls are getting into it now too!

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