Vuyo Oyiya on Life Lessons, Finding peace & Unleashing Her Inner AfriQueen

Meet Vuyo Oyiya, our inspirational African Queen, TV Producer, MTV Africa Music Awards Event Manager,  Loeries Africa and Middle East Project Manager and Founder of The Official Vuyo Oyiya Network. A woman who wears her wardrobe like an art piece moving in synchrony with her life’s purpose dancing to the beat of her own drum. We talk to our AfriQueen Vuyo about her greatest life lessons, finding her peace and how she unleashes her inner Afri Queen.

Q: What has your greatest life lesson been so far?

The greatest lesson so far for me is realising that I’m on my own and only really have myself to depend on.

Women warrior African Queen Africa
Embrace your power. Dance to the beat of your own drum.

Q: How do you find your strength when the world gives you a hard time?

Well I’ve worked in the service film industry since 2003. I have met all kinds of characters in this industry. Its not as glamorous as it always seems.  Some of the people I meet are so unhappy inside and the poor things don’t  know better than to take their sadness out on other people. So in return knowing they were’nt bad people and that they just felt unhappy inside. I knew the only way to conquer the sadness was to give love so I just gave them lots of hugs. Some people are lonely inside and they just don’t know how to ask for love. Some of these people are still my best friends today.

I used to cry every day after work, because of the treatment I was exposed to. My ex-boss wonderful, Pendra actually helped me get through this. She told me it’s not about me, it’s about them and I must draw a line between myself and them and realize it has nothing to do with me personally. That was my “a-ha moment”. I still carry that lesson with me till this day for both my career and personal life. If I’m good with my soul, the rest it’s just noise. I love my job so I need to find a way to make it work.

 If I’m good with my soul, the rest it’s just noise

Q: What makes you an Afri Warrior?

The life I live right now is beyond my wildest dreams sometimes I have to pinch myself. So when things get rough I welcome them as a step up towards reaching the top of the mountain.

Q:  Whats your Afri Being power?

The best answer to this will be reciting “I am an African” by President Tat’ Thabo Mbeki

African Fashion African Queen Africa

Q: What does being an Afri Queen and Warrior mean to you?

I’m so in love with myself it’s ridiculous. I’m not vain, but in Queen Vuyo land I rule. I love looking good. You know when I look good, I feel good and I do good. I always wear my invisible crown, I work hard and pride myself in everything I do. When I say I’m a Queen and Queening I’m not just talking about my beautiful self inside and out, I’m talking about how hard I work. my good nature, generous, understanding, and compassion I  have for everyone that I crossed paths with.

I’m very brave because I understand that being brave is not the absence of fear is facing it and acknowledge it and see how you can work with it to still achieve the same goals. Over the years till this day I’m still scared of doing certain things, but because I’ve realized fear is a feeling and feelings come and go.  All you need to do is acknowledge the feeling,  talk about it and after a while, it moves on.

African Fashion African Queen Africa

Q: Ambition or talent? What matters to you most?

Ambition for me sounds more like a duty like a school and I’m not really ambitious. When you feel you talented at something it’s like a hobby and it doesn’t feel like a chore or something you have to do. Talent is God given, you fine tune in as you go along life, it fulfills you, you don’t force it and it’s not about being on top or winning it’s about fulfilling your soul and blossoming. I’m a passionate individual so I choose talent more than ambition.

It’s not about being on top or winning —  it’s about fulfilling your soul and blossoming

Q: What drives you?

What drives me is me. I speak to myself more than anyone else. I always believe if I give myself not so bright advice I only have myself to “blame”. I love this journey of self-discovery with myself, it’s hilarious. There’s a lot of well done Queen V, look at you sexy thing and a lot of “did we leave the brain on our pillow this morning?” situations.

Vuyo is indeed a ray of sunshine in this often troublesome world and we are proud to support Vuyo on her journey. To get in touch with Vuyo you can email her at:

Vuyo Oyiya on Life Lessons and Unleashing Her Inner AfriQueen



  1. Vuyo is an absolute blessing to know. She is a beautifully needed ray of sunshine, in this often troublesome world. An example of a strong independent kind loving woman. The world needs much more of you Vuyo.

  2. What a beautiful and honest write up, on this gorgeous lady!!!! My lioness, my anchor, stove sam samalahle!! Knowing you has been knowing strength, patience, with a pinch of Humor!!!! continue sharing your life and wisdom with us Vuyo.

  3. I have known Vuyo for more than a decade now. It’s amazing but with no surprise how she has outgrown the fear of starting and to soon be a powerful force. Ever since I have known her, she has always followed her dreams. She’s a determined, industrious and goal oriented. Vuyo remained involved as a strong independent woman with deep interest in the lives of many. She always put her heart and soul into her work. Now that’s a woman of high integrity. The world have not seen the best of this woman yet. Watch this space.

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